In the Studios: 6 MFA Students at Hunter College in New York

(2007 / 40 minutes / DV)

This documentary is about 6 MFA students at work in their studios for two or three hours: Alicia Gibson, Evan Gruzis, Moira Holohan, Ryan Roa, Luke Thorpe, and Seldon Yuan. Generally, people have few chances to visit artists’ studios and to see what they are doing and how they creating art and what are happening in their studios. What we can see in museums or galleries are already finished ones. But each artwork is the result of each artist’s creation, progress, and effort.

This is also a tour to an art school and artists’ studios. Through showing and comparing 6 students working in their studios for the same period of time parallel, this documentary reveals the differences and the similarities between art students, their approaches and the atmosphere of their studios.

In this documentary, however, the artists never explain what they are doing and about their art. Sometimes the viewer might have no idea what they are doing. Sometimes the images have beauty apart from the meanings. What the viewer can do is just keep watching. Though the viewer is required to think and interpret art actively, that might provide us with free and original interpretations, which enriches it. To watch with an active attitude must be one of the important things to face art.